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Best Vinyl Flooring For Hospitals

“From cleanliness and accessibility to heavy wear, wayfinding and promoting a healing environment — hospitals face many daily demands. Your flooring is no exception, and it is a crucial part of creating a quality care setting”

From the current situation of the outbreak of the coronavirus, COVID 19, the number of global coronavirus cases more than 5* million. Over 350,000* have died worldwide while more than 2.37* million have recovered as many countries weigh easing of lockdown rules. There are the tremendous amount of the infected patients are waiting to be medically treated and cured at the hospitals. Therefore, the hospitals are the most important places in the world in this outbreak situation. * Remark: These figures as of May 28, 2020
ZMARTBUILD Vinyl Flooring for Hospital
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The hospitals will have to accommodate many patients.  The hospitals are the places for the medical professionals to stay and use 24-7. The hospitals are the places which are the riskiest to possibly spread the bacteria and the viruses. Therefore, the equipment as well as the construction and building materials used in the hospitals will be necessary to support the medical operation and to prevent the spread of the bacteria and the viruses. For the buildings of the hospitals, the selection of the building materials especially the ceiling, the partition and the flooring, are very important for everyone and for the medical professionals who come to the hospitals. Especially the flooring, because the floors are the surfaces where everyone has to contact and also are the rolling load areas, the heavy foot traffics. The floors are the places where all the bacteria and the viruses could possibly and easily be contaminated when the people cough and sneeze and a lot of secretions will be possibly discharged on the floors. Therefore it is very important to carefully select the special materials for the flooring of the hospitals to avoid the problems of the heavy loading and the spreading and the contamination of the bacteria and the viruses. The hospitals in many worldwide countries always use the material which is called “Vinyl Tile or Vinyl Flooring” their flooring. This vinyl tile or Vinyl Flooring for Hospitals is not the same as the general vinyl tile used in the normal houses and buildings but the Vinyl Tile or Vinyl Flooring for Hospitals will be used with the additional special characteristics of anti-bacteria.  Besides the general characteristics of the vinyl tile which are durability, slip- retardant, easy to clean, fire-retardant and heat performance. The selection of the Vinyl Tile or Vinyl Flooring for Hospitals for usage can be categorized as follow

Vinyl Tile or Vinyl Flooring for Hospitals by area

1. Entrance areas

Entrances are the first area patients, families and visitors see in your hospital. They help your patrons locate services, and they see the heaviest foot traffic and rolling loads. You will want a durable, welcoming floor that promotes your design vision and makes a strong first impression. We highly recommend vinyl tile for entrance areas. It stands up well to rolling loads, is handicap-friendly and is now available in largely recyclable materials. Vinyl Tile offers much of the same durability and even more design versatility

2.Corridors and clinical areas

Corridors are the main arteries of your hospital and see heavy use 24-7, including foot traffic and heavy rolling loads, such as equipment carts, stretchers, med carts and wheelchairs. To minimize disruptions, flooring in corridors requires rapid installation and must be highly durable to minimize maintenance. Themed and patterned flooring with lively color can help you create clear paths that identify care areas. Corridor flooring can help reduce stress and promote healing by supporting an evidence-based design scheme. Vinyl tile or Vinyl Flooring is one of the popular hospital flooring options that meet all of these performance requirements. Both save time during installation, as they can come with pre-applied adhesive on the backings. Free-floating Vinyl Tile options even cut out adhesives altogether. The Vinyl Tile or Vinyl Flooring can come with protective coatings that resist scratches and scuffs, reducing maintenance disruptions, labor, water, and chemicals. Both come in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. Vinyl Tile or Vinyl Flooring, in particular, emulates soothing natural textures, such as wood, stone and more, but with better durability and a lower price than traditional materials.

3.Emergency and operating rooms

Emergency and operating rooms must meet the most strict infection control requirements and remain usable 24-7. You will want easy-to-clean materials that promote cleanliness. Using smooth or low-texture flooring and proper installation keeps dirt and fluids from slipping beneath the surface of your floor. Vinyl tile, sheet Vinyl Flooring and linoleum are great fits for these environments because they enable the use of heat welding and flash coving during installation, making it possible to create a fully aseptic space. All of these materials can come with coatings that resist chemical staining from medical products and bodily fluids. You will get a floor that eliminates polishing, waxing and spray buffing — reducing maintenance disruptions and costs. These materials come in constructions that promote indoor air quality with low emissions of volatile organic compounds (low VOC).


The best cafeteria floors are stain-resistant, easy to clean and slip-retardant. A patterned, textured floor can benefit your cafeteria by both reducing and hiding scuffs and scratches. Evidence-based design dictates hospital cafeterias should be comfortable environments that promote relaxation and reduce stress. Hospital flooring options that meet all of these requirements include sheet Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl Tiles. They afford great design versatility with vibrant colors and natural textures while providing lasting durability.

5.Nurse’s stations and treatment areas

Staff and patients spend most of their time in these environments, and nurse is stations never shut down. Flooring should promote stress reduction, comfort and 24-7 access with materials that allow rapid installation and minimize maintenance. We recommend flooring options within these categories that have protective coatings, as they will resist scratches and minimize the need for waxing, buffing and chemical cleaning. Free-floating Vinyl Tile and materials with adhesive backings will reduce installation times and disruption to these critical care areas.

6.Patient rooms

In many hospitals, patient rooms are designed to emulate home-like environments. As these rooms do not require aseptic flooring, you have more options for materials, adhesives and installation methods. You have the flexibility to specify warm, inviting flooring with natural textures.


Vinyl Tile, linoleum and sheet Vinyl Flooring are great options that provide stone, wood, tweed and other natural looks with more durability at a lower cost than natural materials. They can all work with rapid installation systems. One new option to consider is textile flooring, a material that provides the feel of carpet with the durability and performance of tile.  The aforementioned characteristics of the vinyl tiles for Hospitals together with the anti-bacteria characteristics make the vinyl tiles become the appropriate alternative material to be used for the flooring in the buildings of the hospitals.  It is not only used during the outbreak of the coronavirus, COVID 19, but also can be used from now on. Since we do not know when the Emerging Infectious Diseases will happen again in the future. Therefore the current investment for the preventive safety is worth to do and is better than realization after the diseases happen. SCG Group from Thailand introduces – Vinyl Tile for Hospital to the Bangladesh market. We are pleased to be the trustworthy manufacture who brings good quality and innovative products to the Bangladesh market. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information. Contact us to ask Price of Vinyl tile for Hospital. Click >> Whatsapp me now! Picture reference:

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